$15 from every ticket goes directly to our conservation project for Weka and other birds.

A young Weka inspecting the track.

north island weka

A pair of our dedicated weka parents with their chicks.

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"Here is a bird full of good qualities and whose vices lean to virtue's side.  Personal valour of a high order.  An undying thirst for knowledge.....An affection for its young that would face the Prince of Darkness in their defence. And above all, an intelligence apart from what we call instinct, far higher than I ever saw in a bird."

Charlie Douglas, Explorer, c.1899

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Weka are cheeky birds with heaps of personality and a “can-do” attitude.  A close encounter with a Weka is a fun and memorable experience but the sad fact is that Russell is one of the few places where you are likely to meet the North Island Weka.  This is because they are an endangered species and have become extinct in most places.  It surprises many people to learn that there are fewer North Island Weka than there are North Island brown Kiwi! 

With “Russell Nature Walks” you have a good chance to hear and see these fascinating birds. 

Weka are sometimes mistaken for Kiwi, but the main differences are that Weka have short beaks and are active during the day (Kiwi have long beaks and are active at night).  The Weka’s courage disappears at night and you are less likely to see them.  In the early evening they become timid and there is often a chorus of Weka reassuring each other of their locations.