A brilliant night out in the bush with Eion. 

Saw a kiwi to top it all off. 

Highly recommend!

Paul & Lisa & 4 kids, NZ

Pleinement satisfaits d'avoir fait cette balade nocturne, nous avons réussi à apercevoir un kiwi, des weka et plein d'habitants de la forêt. Une expérience inoubliable!  Remerciements à notre guide Eion!

Tatian, France

Russell Nature Walks was the highlight of my stay in the Bay of Islands. Lisette and Eoin had a great knowledge of the native species of plants and animals. We were able to see footage of a baby kiwi from the camera they have set up in the nest, which was really cool. You should check it out when you’re in Russell.  Many thanks

 Dean, Ireland

My partner & I enjoyed a day-time nature walk. It was an interesting and enjoyable experience, and we now have a greater appreciation for the local wildlife and plants. The guide was very friendly, generous with her knowledge and light hearted in her approach. We recommend a nature walk to everyone visiting the area!

KittyK, Australia


I loved being in the bush at night with swaying trees and stars and many amazing organisms, especially the wetas. And cuddling up with a kawakawa tea.

M (15 years old), Auckland

Outstanding tour, thanks Lisette.

Loved the cheeky fantail most of all.

Mick & Catherine, Australia

Very informative and great company. 

Enjoyed it immensely!

Garth, Nancy & Andrea, Canada

Great walk with Lisette, learned alot!  It’s much more than just a walk: saw so much and were greeted by tuis and weka.  Highly recommend to anyone visiting.

Louisa & Ian, UK

Our three and a half year old had a great time - her favorite part was finding Wetas!

Rowan H, Australia

My husband and I spent two nights in Russell during our honeymoon. I have to say, our night walk with Eion was the highlight of our entire trip! 

Seeing a wild kiwi was  truly a dream come true for me.

Kait J, USA

J’ai vu un kiwi!  Ils sont très mignons dommage que ces oiseaux sont difficiles a voir.  Je suis arrive pendant la période ou il y avait un bébé. J’ai vu la vidéo avec la camera infrarouge du bébé qui joue avec son père.

Leith, 10 years old, France

A group of four of us did a night walk with Eion and had a wonderful time. There's something very special about walking through the bush at night as quietly as possible, enjoying the sights and sounds of a world that we don't often see or hear. The cave weta were a highlight .... We were privileged to be able to stand very quietly and listen to a kiwi snufling around in the undergrowth.  I would heartily recommend this activity to anyone.

Sarah, Auckland

There is something really special about the night time nature walk at Russell Nature Walks. Tip toeing through the New Zealand bush learning about the surrounding plants and animals ....sitting quietly listening to the kiwi in the wild and looking at the glow warms, sipping New Zealand bush tea ..... meeting a person that really cares… I can’t wait to bring the entire family back.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Diaudrey, Australia

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