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"Kiwi Cam" at Russell Nature Walks

Russell Nature Walks has captured extraordinary footage of a wild kiwi and his chick (called Kiri). This short video captures the first 35 days in the life of a wild kiwi. It's amazing watching Kiri's antics and his/her interactions with Dad. Enjoy!
You can see all our videos on our YouTube channel.

$15 from every ticket goes directly to our conservation project for Kiwi and other birds.

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We use infrared night-vision cameras to get a better understanding of "our" kiwi without disturbing them. 

Kiwi are flightless and nocturnal – they spend their days sleeping in burrows.  At night they emerge to search for food using their long beaks.  This is when it is possible to hear them calling to each other, stamping around and pushing through the undergrowth.  They may also snort loudly to clear their nostrils, which are at the tip of their beaks. 

There are two breeding pairs of Kiwi and a number of young birds and chicks in the forest traversed by “Russell Nature Walks”.  These Kiwi are totally wild birds whose movements are not controlled or restricted in any way.  We have been taking note of their habits over the past 5 years and being in their environment will provide you with a better understanding of our National Bird.  The Kiwi is a symbol of New Zealand and the reason New Zealanders are called “kiwis”.  Kiwis are famous but they are also endangered and there are not many places where it is still possible to hear or see kiwi as close to ‘civilisation’ as it is in Russell.

kiwi at Russell nature walks