"  It's really important to us to sustain the health of the forest and its creatures, particularly weka and kiwi.  We want people to be able to enjoy and learn in a way that has a low impact. 

 We have an active conservation project that includes pest control, weed control and planting. 

$15 from every ticket is spent on conservation work. "

About Russell nature Walks Guided walks in the bay of Islands

Call or text: 027 908 2334

Conservation groups we support and/or volunteer for:

Russell Nature Walks is run by Lisette and Eion who are passionate and knowledgeable about New Zealand's native plants and animals.  They run a Kiwi and Weka Conservation Project in their forest reserve and enjoy sharing their love of nature with visitors who want to learn more about native plants, animals and conservation.

Eion’s family has lived in and around Russell for more than 80 years.  He has a strong affinity with the Bay of Islands and has always spent a lot of time outdoors in the bush and around the coast.  Since childhood, Lisette has loved and appreciated nature and wild places.  She is a qualified ecologist, holding a BSc and a MSc (with honours) and has more than 15 years of professional experience.  Lisette is also available for consultancy work (www.northlandecology.com).

Lisette and Eion have traveled extensively together, mainly by bicycle and back-packing, and have lived in other parts of New Zealand.  They feel privileged to be back living in Russell surrounded by abundant bird-life and a beautiful coast. 

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We'd like to thank Project Crimson for supplying pohutukawa trees for our planting program.